One to watch: "Garbage Warrior" (2007) by Oliver Hodge

This section is as a place where I share films that address ideas I find inspiring and important.

Architecture has been a major focus of my earlier studies in art history and even became part of my master thesis which examined the role of architecture in the cinema of Michael Mann.

At university we learned quite a bit about the art, history and concepts of construction, but unfortunately we never heard of Michael Reynolds and his innovative Earthship project. In the desert of New Mexico, Reynolds and his team build almost autonomous and self-reliant residential houses that look like they are straight out of a Star Wars movie. They are - for the most part - build using waste and natural materials such as old tires, cans, bottles, and earth.

“Garbage Warrior” (dir. by Oliver Hodge) is a portrait of a maverick and his vision to improve the way human beings reside on this planet. It gives insight into Michael Reynolds’ approach to designing sustainable homes, his struggles to keep his ideas alive in a bureaucratic system, and the concept of the earthship housing solution in general. You don’t have to be interested in architecture to become inspired by this movie!

Check out the trailer below: